Sunday, August 2, 2009

KC's Best Blog 2009

Without doubt the most interesting and compelling personal blog in Kansas City currently belongs to John Guzman: Logtar's Blog. The emotional honesty and correspondingly intelligent comments found here elevate the blog above its many competitors.

The blog also sports clean design and organization (favored indulgences of The Editors), as well as a gratifying lack of blinking gewgaws, polls and other useless crap (dark beasts, one and all).

But what carries Logtar's Blog is content. Posts such as He is Just Not That Into You, When Humans Attack and Hello, My Name is Not Juan exemplify the depth and breadth of Guzman's ideas. Ideas Guzman presents as gifts to be opened and shared, amidst a great flurry and and rending of paper - thoughts to be savored long after the wrapping has been discarded.

Those who insist on proper grammar in their blogs will be disappointed, though not in a Midtown Miscreant or TKC fashion. Guzman is intelligent and literate, English is just not his first language. This sometimes results in awkward sentence construction and an endearing misuse of common phrases and words that remind the reader of Guzman's fresh perspective and frankness.

All said and done, The Editors find Logtar's Blog a delight to read and the Best KC Blog of 2009

Honorable Mentions: Curb Girl, Frighteningly Uncommon Sense and Hip Suburban White Guy

NEXT: Food blogs.

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