Tuesday, September 1, 2009

KC's Best Mommy Blog 2009

"Family-and-homemaking blogs are weblogs which feature commentary and discussions especially about home, family, and parenting...mommy blogs."

Mommy blogs. We do not much care for the appellation either. It casts a certain disdain over what can be one of blogging's more evocative genres.

And when we talk about mommy blogs, we do not refer to Dooce, fine blog though it may be, because Heather is a talented special case*. Most mommy bloggers are not usually special cases, though many are talented.

No, when The Editors talk about mommy blogs we mean those local blogs that post about the day-to-day tribulations, joys, triumphs and seemingly endless failure mise-en-scènes that are the life blood of a mother. And when these familial vignettes are drawn with love and tenderness, colored though they may be by the natural self defense of humor and sarcasm, the resulting posts uniquely showcase the ineffable avocation that is motherhood.

KC is lucky to have a rather large carpool of authors to drive it from one mommy blog to another: Honorable Mentions here go to Greetings From Waldo, Pomegranate Pretty, and The Good Mother's Guide . All three are excellent reads, all three are completely different and all three will at some point move you to your core. What more could you ask?

Moxie Moma's blog does all of the above then adds that certain je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from the others. Part of it is the blogs' hustling nature: Moxie wants to be the best, b'god! Part of it is the intensity of her opinions coming right after an airy ditty on jello. And part of it is her earthy humor - her writing hints at an earthiness best left to her husband. So, at the end of the day, when the children have been read to sleep, the breast pump has been sterilized and the hubby lightly back-handed awake from his spot on the couch so he can get up and go to bed, The Editors find Moxie Moma to be the Best KC Mommy Blog of 2009.

NEXT: Middle-aged White Guy blogs.

* By which we mean "fuckable train wreck". Judge us (nor Heather) not , for this is what sells; a couple of The Editors have also lived and toiled in LaLa Land and know whereof we speak. It is the primary reason leading film & TV stars, as well as news anchors, are never ever ever ugly people. Please, don't tell us this surprises you - no one in their right mind believes Tom Cruise can act or Britney Spears can sing...


  1. Thank you so much for the honor! I really am honored. Keep up the great work on your blog!

  2. Moxie,

    Your are certainly welcome.



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